Thursday, February 7, 2008

Press Release #2 Final

Feb. 4, 2008

Hans Ketchup, VP of Communications
Burger Planet
Phone: 555-333-7777
FAX: 555-123-4567


GARY, IN- Burger Planet, the world's largest food chain, hired Opal Whitcomb' s personal fitness advisor, Jayne Peterson, as a spokesperson to help add new delicious and healthy items to the menu.

Burger Planet originally became famous because of their simple selections and added these new choices to the menu to keep their customer-pleasing image alive. The new options include: white meat chicken breasts, chicken wrapped in lettuce and various fruit bag substitutes. The classics are still available at all locations.

Jayne Peterson, 42, has spent years helping some of the most popular figures in TV history lose weight. Opal Whitcomb lost 75 pounds and kept it off with Peterson's assistance.

"The company believes in encouraging customers to live a healthier, active lifestyle and I have spent my life trying to teach women that lesson," Peterson said when asked about joining the team. She will be traveling to different events with Burger Planet mascot Corny the Clown, starting with the kick-off ceremony at the burger planet franchise located in Times Square on May 12.

Mr. James E. Mullenbach I founded Burger Planet in 1934 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since then the popularity has been spread to every state and 17 countries with over 8,921 franchises. Now with Mr. James E. Muellenbach III, grandson of the founder, the image has never been stronger with these healthy choices.

"For more than seven decades, the company has succeeded because it put customers first," Muellenbach III, company CEO said.

Jayne Peterson and Burger Planet allow anyone on any diet enjoy themselves at franchises across the world.

For more information:
Jessica Collett, Public Relations Director

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