Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Press Release Rough Draft #1

January 22, 2008

Contact Information:
Bret Cob, President of ABC Real Estate, LLC.
123 Creative Way, Logan UT 84321


LOGAN, Utah – ABC Real Estate, LLC, developed by Bret Cob in August 2007 in Draper Utah, set up a beneficiary directed land trust to end the market crisis.

“There are four beneficiaries for my company, we are trying to make it so not only the wealthy benefit but the middle-class as well from real estate options.” Cob said.

The four beneficiaries include: the settler beneficiary, who is selling their property and able to contribute their home by putting it in a land trust; the credit beneficiary, who has the credit to take out a loan for the home and then receive monthly payments from the resident beneficiary; the resident beneficiary, who is able to live in a home with no credit, and then gain credit in the meantime; and the investor beneficiary who provides a down payment on the home and invests in the company.

ABC Real Estate is the company to guarantee this option will work. They also complete the paperwork and ensure an Insurance company, without using a bank.

“The great thing about this solution is everyone benefits and is able to use their assets to help this crisis.” Cob said.

Bret Cob wanted to start this experiment out locally first, but has plans for the future to make it national.

Media Contact:

Jessica Collett


Jackson said...

Well written, Jessica. The press release was easy to read and understand. I really don't think there's anything you need to change. Well done.

Sanelli said...

I would have to agree with Jackson, but I would still double check just to make sure. It did have a great flow to it though!
Keep up the good work ok!

Preston said...


I would add your title to your name....make one up. Also make up a phone number and email address for the company.

Also, January is written Jan. when it's with a specific date.

Good dateline.

There should be a comma between a city and a state. Since Bret is not well known, leave him out of your lead. Bring him in later.

Your first Cob quote is good, only needing a period where you have a comma. And, bring the quote in after talking about the program a little more. Remember, quotes are for something unique, not just information....four beneficiaries is just information. Try to make it unique.

Instead of saying "guaruntee this option will work" try something like "they guaruntee that the payments to the trust by the resident beneficiary will be made."

I approve your second quote.

This is a program not an experiment.