Friday, January 25, 2008

Press Release #1

Jan. 25, 2008

Contact Information:
Bret Cob, President of ABC Real Estate, LLC.
123 Creative Way Logan, UT 84321


LOGAN, Utah – ABC Real Estate, LLC, set up a beneficiary directed land trust to end the market crisis and benefit the middle-class, not only the wealthy, from real-estate options.

Bret Cob, president of ABC Real Estate, developed the company in Aug. 2007 in Draper, Utah. He is now extending hubs in the Logan area, hoping to get as much promise as Draper gave him.

"My company has created a great solution to help the market crisis. A solution everyone can benefit from," Cob said.

The "solution" involves four beneficiaries, which include: the settler beneficiary, who is selling their property and able to contribute their home by putting it in a land trust; the credit beneficiary, who has the credit to take out a loan for the home and then receive monthly payments from the resident beneficiary; the resident beneficiary, who is able to live in a home with no credit, and then gain credit in the meantime; and the investor beneficiary who provides a down payment on the home and invests in the company.

ABC Real Estate is the company to guarantee the payments by the resident beneficiary will be made. They also complete the paperwork and ensure an Insurance company, without using a bank.

“The process will help the market crisis, there is no question. The question is will the people get involved and help the company to do so.” Cob said.

Bret Cob wanted to start this experiment out locally first, but has plans for the future to make it national.

Media Contact:

Jessica Collett, Public Relations Director

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