Thursday, January 17, 2008

Letter to Cousin

Dear Anne,

I was so happy to receive your letter! As for what is going on here at Utah State, I am finally in the professional program of journalism, emphasizing public relations. PR is similar to marketing and advertising, and incorporates many of the same concepts, such as selling ideas.
A PR representative basically makes whatever they are representing look good. They promote a company and persuade the public or customer to believe what they promote. I love this field because not only do I get to do what I love, write and communicate, but I will also have the opportunity to represent a company I am ethically in sync with. PR is everywhere, involved in one way or another.
Relationships are key in public relations. A representative must have a social network including the media, customers, informers and leaders of groups or organizations. For example, a PR representative may have connections with a certain newspaper and get them to write a story on the company they are representing.
Writing is also extremely important in public relations, hence why it is under journalism. Press releases, information given to the media, are constantly written and revised by a PR representative. Writing is a primary role.
PR agencies are commonly hired and represent multiple companies at a time. However, many PR representatives represent individuals. For example, the president’s public relations representative is called a press secretary, who may write their speeches or work on their appearance. PR could also represent a person, group or family, continuously telling them what to do in order to look best to the public.
Communicating and writing effectively are the components in public relations. I am so excited to pursue my role in this career!



Sanelli said...

Hey Jessica,
Nice letter, it really got me interested in PR. The flow of the paper was nice! I am sure it would not only explain it to them, but convince them to be more involved in it!!

Mark Taylor said...


Great letter. I think it would help anyone who didn't know a lot about PR.

Clayton Mackay said...

You did a fine job of writing the letter. Well done