Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Press Release #4 Rough Draft

Feb. 26, 2008
Embargo Date: March 24, 2008

German Ellsworth, Utah State Service Rep


BRIGHAM CITY, UTAH – The Red Cross will be hosting a blood drive for Utah State regional campus located in Brigham City at 265 W. 1100 S. on April 8 from 4-9 p.m.

Brigham City as well as Salt Lake City, Tooele and Logan will hold blood drives between the dates April 7-9. This is the first time Utah State has extended the blood drive to other campuses to further the donation for the university.

“One person donating blood can save up to 3 lives,” German Ellsworth, Utah State service representative said, “It is important to get everyone involved and donate!”

Every two seconds someone in America needs blood. The Red Cross’ goal is to get everyone ready for an emergency, including getting a kit, making a plan and being informed.

The Red Cross has a desire to help the nation in emergencies. They distribute half the nation’s blood supply. Four million blood donors donate through the Red Cross to serve millions of patients in need each year.

“Donating blood is something anyone eligible can do. Saving lives can take just an hour of your time,” Ellsworth said.

For more information:
Jessica Collett, Blood Drive Organizer
Phone: 555-851-0471


Joe said...

This was well written I liked your quote you may want to add another one though. Also make sure you have the times and locations on campus when you send this to the paper.

Mark W. Taylor said...

I think everything flows together really well in your release. Try to avoid redundancy. You could maybe take out "on the dates of Feb...ect" and just put "on Feb...". Other than that I think you have a great start.

Preston said...

Your headline is confusing, mostly because it is unclear whether you are talking about Utah State, the university, or Utah state, one of the 50 united states. Make that more clear.

Write Utah AP Style in your dateline.

The numeral 3 is written out.

Just write the date..not say "between the dates April 7-9," but instead "between April 7-9."

I would have a better call-to-action sentence at the end. Come to the event...or do a story on the event or announcing the event...what is it you want the person reading your release to do?

Your boilerplate needs more information. How long has the Red Cross existed? How long has Utah State been working with the Red Cross. How many people donate a year. Items like that.